Monday, 5 September 2016

Patreon - Support Sydney Trains Vlogs

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Here's my bio for Parteon. Including channel links.

Hi everyone my name is Phil.
I am a Transport Enthusiast & Urban Explorer based in Sydney, NSW Australia.
This Patreon account is for 2 YouTube Channels.. I'll explain what they are about below.

Sydney Trains Vlogs:
This channel is for those who are transport enthusiasts (Trains, Buses, Light Rail - Trams & Ferries)... Mainly trains though.
I have filmed at over 400 locations for this channel in Sydney, Queensland & Victoria in Australia.
The number of locations is set to rise as time goes on.
I cover many events on this channel also.. Like Steam train events, new station open days, rare sightings and odd train movements plus much more!

Abandoned Oz:
I explore abandonments such as houses, hospitals, schools etc!
I also film buildings and other things that are still in use but have an interesting history behind it.

My future goals are to become more professional at filming and editing with proper equipment.
I currently film with an iPhone 6s Plus.

Why pledge to me?
Thinking into the future, a good video camera will help me bring you much better quality videos.
Pledging to me will also help me travel more often therefore i can bring you more video's!

Channel Links:

Sydney Trains Vlogs:

Abandoned Oz:


Thank you for reading.
Sydney Trains Vlogs &
Abandoned Oz