Sunday, 22 November 2015

Which 48 Class Livery Do You Like Best?

Hey all.
Here is a photo of 3 different 48 Classes in 3 different Liveries.

Which one do you like best?

Top: 4819 in the Sydney Trains/Railcorp Livery
Middle: 48162 in the Pacific National Livery
Bottom: 4807 in the Indian Red Livery

Here is another photo that i took at Otford.
It is a bit blurry however i like to call it motion blur ;)

48120 is in the Freightcorp Blue Livery.

Let me know in a comment what livery you like best.

Thank you all for reading.

Phil, Sydney Trains Vlogs

A Huge Variety of Trains at Ourimbah

Hey all.
Welcome to another STV Blog.
In this edition id like to tell you all about a day i spent at Ourimbah recently and the huge variety of trains i filmed and photographed.

First off we have the usual suspects
(V Sets and Oscars).

Photo (below): Oscar set H46 bound for Hamilton.
Unfortunately i never got a photo of a V Set during my time here.
Photo (below): ATP/DTRS Test sets Y1 & Y2 heading south through Ourimbah bound for Flemington Maintenance Centre.
Photo (below): BRM001 and G514 Light Engine Movement heading to Broadmeadow.
Photo (below): CM3301 (Red Handed) leads a freight train north.

The other 2 locos with CM3301 were,
GL102 (Sunline) below:

And GL111 (Galilee) below:
Photo (below): VL356 on a light engine movement heading south.
Photo (below): How about this for a rare sight.
Endeavour set 3 leads endeavour set 5 north through platform 2.
Endeavour set 3 is taking Endeavour set 5 to Broadmeadow for repairs.
Later on in this blog you will see a photo or 2 of Endeavour set 3 returning south.

Photo (below): 3 C Class loco's thundering through platform 1 heading south.
Photo (below): NR6 leads a freight train south through platform 1.
Photo (below): Aurizon Superfreighter lead by LDP006 & 6024 heading north.

Photo (below): NR102 leads a freight train north through platform 2.
Photo (below): 82 Classes lead a coal train north through platform 2.
Photo (below): 8105 leads a freight train north through platform 2.
Photo (below): Here we have Endeavour set 3 returning towards Sydney after dropping Endeavour set 5 off at Broadmeadow.
Photo (below): Here is an unusual consist.
Freightliner CF4408
Glencore XRN016
Freightliner CF4407
These locos and the containers were headed north through platform 2.

I hope you all enjoyed this Blog.
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Phil, Sydney Trains Vlogs.

Thursday, 19 November 2015


With temperatures reaching over 40°c today Friday 20th November 2015 Sydney Trains and NSW Trainlink have the WOLO boards showing at most stations.
Technically WOLO doesn't stand for anything however Warning Of Line Overheat makes a lot of sense.
WOLO boards are shown when temperatures reach approx 38°c and above.
When train tracks get to hot they can buckle or be displaced so when a WOLO board is shown there is a speed restriction for the safety of passengers.

Below is a photo of one of the WOLO boards at Blacktown on Platform 2.

Anyway folks i hope you all had a great day and stayed cool on this very hot day.

Thank you all for reading and stay tuned for more Blogs!

Phil, Sydney Trains Vlogs

Friday, 13 November 2015

Canberra Railway Museum

Hey all.
This is going to be a Blog about my experience at the Canberra Railway Museum on Saturday 14th November 2015.
There was lots of interesting exhibits there such as:

Beyer Garratt Steam Loco 6029:
Known as 'City of Canberra' 6029 is one of the biggest locomotives in the southern hemisphere.

Photo (below): 6029 sitting at Canberra Railway Museum

Photo (below): 6029 was somewhat recently named City of Canberra.

Photo (below): 6029's Builder Plate.

Photo (below): This is just some of 6029's controls.
Steam Loco 1210:
This Loco is known as the first and last Steam locomotive to arrive into Canberra.

Alco Goodwin 4807:
Fresh from overhaul.

Railmotor CPH27 (below):
Railmotor CPH37 (below):
Lounge Car BVJ1457 (below):
Sleeping Car NAM2342 (below):

Sleeping Car BAM1743 (below):

Sleeping Car TAM1888 (below):

Dining Car RMS2360 (below):

Dining Car RMS2359 (below):

Below is another photo of RMS2359, note that it use to say Murray Restaraunt.
Photo (below): The 3 sleeping carriages... and a ute!
Photo (below): Melbourne Sydney Express can still be seen on RMS2359 & RMS2360.
Photo (below): A.R.H.S - A.C.T on RMS2360.
Photo (below): An old Canberra station sign.

It was a great experience visiting the Canberra Railway Museum and id definitely do it again.

To watch the video of my experience at the Canberra Railway Museum please visit the link below:

Thank you all so much for reading.
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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Newcastle Demolition Update 2

Newcastle Line Demolition Update 2:
Thursday 12th November 2015

Last update (2 days ago) the overhead was removed between Wickham and Civic stations.

Since the last update approx 250 meteres of overheadhad wiring has been removed on the DOWN line only from Civic to the halfway point between Civic and Newcastle.
The down track is the left track facing towards Newcastle.

Photo (below): Temporary walkway closure board between Civic and Newcastle.
Notice that the date on the right of the board has been changed from 11/NOV/2015 to 13/NOV/2015.

Photo (below): Only 1 track has overhead above at Civic.

Photo (below): This is where the Merewether Street Level Crossing was at the Newcastle end of Civic station.

The next update will be published next week.

Thank you all for reading.

Phil, Sydney Trains Vlogs.