Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Last Remaining PMC MK5

Tuesday 2nd February 2016

Hey all and welcome to another STV Blog.

Yesterday (1/2/2016) a mate and took a trip out to STA State Transit Authoritys Brookvale Bus Depot to wait for the last remaining PMC MK5 Mercedes Benz O405 fleet number 3374.
I thought we would have been waiting there for quite a while for the bus but approx 10 minutes after we got there the bus showed up.
Photo below.

These buses and the Merc O305's were my favourite buses.
It sure is sad to see them go.

Who else has memories of riding these when the were all in service?
Unfortunately i only ever caught one once.
I think these buses were replaced with new Bustech VST's.

Anyway thats all i have to say on this topic.
Thank you all for reading.
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Lady Class Ferries To Be Retired This Year

Monday 1st February 2016

A pinch and a punch for the first day of the month! Lol

Hey all and welcome to another STV Blog.

Today i want to talk about the Lady Class Ferries that run in and around Sydney.

For those who don't know what they look like there is a photo below.

We have 2 Lady Class Ferries in service.
Lady Northcott (as shown in the photo above) & Lady Herron.
These two ferries will be retired this year and will be replaced with six brand new state of the art ferries.

The Following info is open for correction however im quite sure it's correct.

Lady Northcott entered service in 1974.
Lady Herron entered service in 1979.

I'd suggest that all transport enthusiasts take a ride on these ferries and get as many photo's as possible before it's too late.

Thank you all for reading!
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Saturday, 30 January 2016

New Qube Loco's

Saturday 30th January 2016

New Qube QBX Class Locomotives have been seen on trial runs in NSW.
There are 6 QBX Class loco's.
They were stored at Yennora and weren't allowed to run due to asbestos but it seems that issue has been resolved.

QBX005 & QBX006 went on a trip towards Goulburn in late December or early January.

Ive only seen 1 QBX Class in service.
QBX006 as seen below passing Woy Woy heading south.

QBX006 was with an 11 class and an MZ class on a trial run from Carrington to Cowan in this event.

Yesterday (29/1/2016) while i was on a trip to Liverpool from Campbelltown i saw QBX001 & QBX002 sitting in a yard where MZ classes pick up their containers on the South Line.

There are loco's stored up at East Greta that are of the same loco type.
They are Bradken owned BK class loco's.
There are only 2 of these. BK001 & BK002.
Im assuming the BK classes had the same asbestos issues as the QBX classes.

With the QBX classes starting load trials hopefully we can see the BK's enter service in the near future.

Thank you all for reading.
Phil, Sydney Trains Vlogs.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Sydney Superstorm Train Disruptions

Friday 29th January 2016

Today i decided to go to Campbelltown to film a somewhat lengthy Vlog for Sydney Trains Vlogs.
By lengthy i mean over 10 minutes.

By the time i got to Campbelltown the BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning.

Just as i finished finished filming the Campbelltown Vlog i boarded K63 which was bound for Schofields via the Cumberland Y Link the storm hit and it hit hard.

Once i alighted from K63 at Liverpool the rain was so heavy it was hard to see.

About 10-15 minutes passed and K63 was still sitting at Liverpool.

It was at that time once of the station attendants made an announcement saying that lightning strikes had damaged overhead wiring at Warwick Farm. Thats when everything fell apart.

As the storm cleared more delays came to light such as a track equipment failure at Chatswood causing the suspension of the Epping to Chatswood Rail Link.

There were also delays on the Central Coast & Newcastle Line due to an issue at Hawkesbury River.

Below is a photo showing the delays on each line caused by the severe weather conditions.


Photo Below: K63 sitting at Liverpool Platform 1.

Photo Below: K63 departing Liverpool as an empty train to the Up Storage Track.

Photo Below: The river next to Liverpool Station overflowing due to the large amount of rain that had fallen.

Thank you all for reading.
Phil, STV.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Circular Quay Turns 60!

Circular Quay Railway Station Turns 60!

Blog typed on Thursday 28th January 2016

Circular Quay Station opened on 20th January 1956.
On January 20th 2016 Circular Quay Turned 60 years old.

Circular Quay or commonly known as "The Quay" has an amazing view of Sydney Harbour.
 It's a great viewing point for Tourists and transport enthusiasts.

Below is a few photos showing Circular Quay's History.
Note: The photos below may be hard to see/read due to a lowered picture quality.

A heritage icon:

The railway viaduct:

Grand opening:

A station by the harbour:

A world class station:

Under construction:

A changing design:

Bradfield's city railway:

A station for the 'quay':

Below is a photo of the Sydney Network Map dated back to 1939.
Please note: The stations on the photo may be hard to read due to the lowered photo quality.


Circular Quay would have to be one of the most popular places i film at.
It's also one of my favourite.


If you want to watch my Vlog called 60 Years of Circular Quay you can watch it using the link below:

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