Thursday, 4 January 2018

New Trains For Sydney Coming 2018

Hi all.
Exciting news for train buffs in Sydney.
We are getting new trains!
They will be similar in appearance to our Waratah A Sets.
The new trains will be known as B Sets and there will be 24 of them.
Numbered B1 - B24.
They will be 8 car sets just like the Waratahs.
The first one is due to arrive in approx March 2018.

Sadly as the new trains arrive our S Set fleet will be progressively scrapped.
I will put 2 photo’s below.
The photo’s show stickers that are placed in every S Set carriage.

So by next summer the all trains on the Sydney Trains network will have air conditioning.

That is all for this blog.
Thank you for reading and i’ll catch you all next time.

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