Saturday, 19 March 2016

Sydney's New Driverless Train

Sydney's New Driverless Train:
Saturday 19th March 2016:

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On Friday 18th March 2016 i went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show at Olympic Park just to see the Sydney Metro mockup train carriage.
Yes.. I paid $40.50 to access the show just to get photo and video footage of the carriage. Crazy i know.

Sydney Metro is under construction and will be open to the public in the first half of 2019.
Sydney Metro will consist of 5 converted stations (converted to Metro with screens) the converted stations being:
North Ryde
Macquarie Park
Macquarie University

There will be 8 brand new stations from Epping to Cudgegong Road.
The new stations will be underground and above ground on the new sky train.
Here are the new stations:
Cherrybrook (Semi Underground)
Castle Hill (Underground)
Showground (Norwest)
Bella Vista (Underground) open for correction!!
Kellyville (SkyTrain)
Rouse Hill (SkyTrain)
Cudgegong Road (Semi Underground)

Here is a map below:

Now.. On to some features of the new trains.
The mockup carriage is 2/3 of the length of the proper carriages (due to start production in 2016.

Feature 1:
Green means doors open.

Feature 2:
Red means doors closed.

Feature 3:
These trains will be driverless so there is no need for a drivers compartment so that passengers can look out the front/the rear of the train.

Feature 4:
The front of the carriage.
Notice the lights below the left window at the front? Funky huh?

Feature 5:
The gap between the train and the platform will pretty much be non existent allowing people with disabilitys to enter and exit the train with ease and without help from staff.

Feature 6:
A guards light? Please explain seeing these trains won't have a guard lol!

Feature 7:
Orange seats are for disabled people etc.
Grey seats are for everyone else.

Feature 8:
Bright doors!

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