Friday, 25 March 2016

Tangara T106 Update

Typed on Friday 25th March 2016

Hi all.
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A lot of you have asked me when Tangara T106 is going to come back to Sydney after having it's major upgrade.
It has been at UGL Broadmeadow for almost 2 months now.
The last thing i heard is that a couple of weeks a go it was in one of the sheds completely stripped out.
The Tangara Technology Upgrade is suppose to take about 4 weeks per Tangara Set (maybe less).
As T106 is the first to get the upgrade it will take a bit longer as it's pretty much a prototype.

I will definitely be out to photograph and film T106 leave UGL on the day it is released.

The Tangara Technology Upgrade is suppose to include CCTV, internal PIDS, new driver dash etc.
It may or may not get a new livery.

More info will be shared as soon as it comes to hand.

Thanks for reading.

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