Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Circular Quay Turns 60!

Circular Quay Railway Station Turns 60!

Blog typed on Thursday 28th January 2016

Circular Quay Station opened on 20th January 1956.
On January 20th 2016 Circular Quay Turned 60 years old.

Circular Quay or commonly known as "The Quay" has an amazing view of Sydney Harbour.
 It's a great viewing point for Tourists and transport enthusiasts.

Below is a few photos showing Circular Quay's History.
Note: The photos below may be hard to see/read due to a lowered picture quality.

A heritage icon:

The railway viaduct:

Grand opening:

A station by the harbour:

A world class station:

Under construction:

A changing design:

Bradfield's city railway:

A station for the 'quay':

Below is a photo of the Sydney Network Map dated back to 1939.
Please note: The stations on the photo may be hard to read due to the lowered photo quality.


Circular Quay would have to be one of the most popular places i film at.
It's also one of my favourite.


If you want to watch my Vlog called 60 Years of Circular Quay you can watch it using the link below:

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