Saturday, 30 January 2016

New Qube Loco's

Saturday 30th January 2016

New Qube QBX Class Locomotives have been seen on trial runs in NSW.
There are 6 QBX Class loco's.
They were stored at Yennora and weren't allowed to run due to asbestos but it seems that issue has been resolved.

QBX005 & QBX006 went on a trip towards Goulburn in late December or early January.

Ive only seen 1 QBX Class in service.
QBX006 as seen below passing Woy Woy heading south.

QBX006 was with an 11 class and an MZ class on a trial run from Carrington to Cowan in this event.

Yesterday (29/1/2016) while i was on a trip to Liverpool from Campbelltown i saw QBX001 & QBX002 sitting in a yard where MZ classes pick up their containers on the South Line.

There are loco's stored up at East Greta that are of the same loco type.
They are Bradken owned BK class loco's.
There are only 2 of these. BK001 & BK002.
Im assuming the BK classes had the same asbestos issues as the QBX classes.

With the QBX classes starting load trials hopefully we can see the BK's enter service in the near future.

Thank you all for reading.
Phil, Sydney Trains Vlogs.