Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Last Remaining PMC MK5

Tuesday 2nd February 2016

Hey all and welcome to another STV Blog.

Yesterday (1/2/2016) a mate and took a trip out to STA State Transit Authoritys Brookvale Bus Depot to wait for the last remaining PMC MK5 Mercedes Benz O405 fleet number 3374.
I thought we would have been waiting there for quite a while for the bus but approx 10 minutes after we got there the bus showed up.
Photo below.

These buses and the Merc O305's were my favourite buses.
It sure is sad to see them go.

Who else has memories of riding these when the were all in service?
Unfortunately i only ever caught one once.
I think these buses were replaced with new Bustech VST's.

Anyway thats all i have to say on this topic.
Thank you all for reading.
Check back for the next STV Blog.

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