Thursday, 2 February 2017

Busways 472

Busways unit No.472 resides at the Gosford depot located in Kincumber, NSW.

472 carries a Custom Coaches 228 body coupled Mercedes Benz O405 Mk 2 chassis with a ZF 5HP500 gearbox.

472 started on the production line of Custom Coaches, Villawood on 27 August 1999 and entered service at Kincumber in February 2000 which makes it now 16 years old.

When she entered service, the registration was MO.4933 which in January 2010 was changed to 6150.MO due to the introduction of metropolitan and regional MO plates. ( MO stands for Metro Omnibus )

The bus entered service with a destination blind but had it replaced with a green flipdot Mobitec electronic destination board in 2003.

In more recent times, 472 was given an overhaul in May 2015 which included an mechanical, internal and external overhaul. Also due to this overhaul, 472 lost the old Busways stripe livery.

As of the 10th February 2016, 472 has travelled a total of 992,598km. Which is nearly from the Earth to the Moon, back to Earth and to the Moon again.

Unfortunately 472 doesn't see too much route work anymore only doing an average of 200 kilometers a day ( excluding weekends ).

Busways Kincumber/Gosford
No.472 ( 6150.MO )
Custom Coaches 228
Mercedes Benz O405 Mk 2 ( Turbo )
ZF 5HP500 Gearbox