Sunday, 26 February 2017

London Taxi's Hit Australia!

Hi all.
A couple of days ago I was going for a stroll around Milsons Point near Bradfield Park.
While on this peaceful walk I came across a Taxi that beared a strong resemblance to a London Taxi.
I then remembered hearing on the news about London style Taxi's coming to Sydney.
I walked closer and noticed the badge on the front of the Taxi said "The London Taxi Company".
I immediately asked the driver if it was ok if I took a couple of photo's as I was quite fascinated.
He was very kind and basically told me to go nuts with photo's, so I did!
The best photo is the one you can see here in this Blog.

Thank you all for reading, I will be sure to post more Blogs about these cool looking Taxi's as more photo opportunities arise.

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