Thursday, 4 February 2016

A new channel has been launched

Friday 5th February 2016

Hi all and welcome to another Sydney Trains Blog.

Over the past few weeks ive been thinking about starting a channel replacing the commentary with on screen information so i finally started it!
The new channel is called Australian Railway TV.

Don't worry, STV Sydney Trains Vlogs is and always will be my main channel, this is just something extra.

I don't have the channel link handy but i do have the link for the first Episode.
The link is below:

You can also subscribe by using that link.

I have already filmed Episodes 2 - 5.
They will be uploaded in the next few days.

Something that is introduced in this channel is on screen fun facts (starting from Episode 3 onwards).

Please follow me here on Blogger, the follow or join button should be somewhere under the header or maybe on the sidebar.

Thank you all for reading another Sydney Trains Blog!
Check back for more :)