Monday, 29 February 2016

The Return of V40

Typed on: Tuesday 1st March 2016

The Return of V40:

In 2015 V40 & V48 were involved in a collision in Mount Victoria Yard on the Blue Mountains Line causing damage to the fiberglass fronts on DJM8113 (V48) & DKM8144 (V40).
The 2 good cars were taken off each set and they formed V48.
DJM8113 & DKM8144 (with attached trailer cars) formed V40 and were sent to UGL Unipart for major repairs to the fibreglass fronts.
Here's a photo of V40 repaired.. Good as new.

Put it this way.. After the accident V40 has 2 of V48's cars and vise versa and thats how it will stay.
Out of the 8 cars 2 good cars from V40 and 2 good cars from V48 formed the new V48 and returned to service almost immediately while the bad cars from V40 & 48 formed the new V40.
I hope im making sense with this! Lol

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Phil, Sydney Trains Vlogs.