Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A Splash of Colour

Wednesday 17th February 2016

G'day everyone and welcome to another STV Blog.

Today i want to show you a few photos of mine ive been tampering with.
Making them black and white and giving them a splash of colour!

Lets get started!

Photo 1: SSR Classes leading a BGSY Grain wagons south through Meadowbank.

Photo 2: T4 & Y2 next to eachother at Cronulla.
T4 was with T107 preparing to depart for Bondi Junction.
Y2 was doing some Digital Train Radio System (DTRS) testing.

Photo 3: A row of trains at Central Sydney Terminal.

Photo 4: Making the poles and hand rails stand out on Tangara car D6141.

Photo 5: Red Signals at the Sydney end of Cronulla station.

Photo 6: A Tangara on Platform 25 at Central.

Photo 7: An Epping bound Waratah arrives into Platform 2 at Meadowbank.

Photo 8: Some BGSY Grain wagons at Cockle Creek.

Photo 9: Lady Northcott at Circular Quay.

Photo 10: A Sydney Explorer sightseeing bus at Pyrmont Bay.

Photo 11: The lone speed sign.
This speed sign reading "80" is located where tracks use to be near Newcastle Station.

Photo 12: Oscar Set H23 passing through the peaceful and beautiful Wondabyne Station on a service to Hamilton/Newcastle.

Photo 13: A red flower with a V Set in the background at Hazelbrook Station in the Blue Mountains.

Photo 14: Track Inspection Vehicle MTPV2 passes through Cockle Creek Station headed towards Hamilton.

Photo 15: A Blue Sydney Metro Wristband with the Cherrybrook Station Box & Construction in the background.

Photo 16: The Sydney XPT returning from Grafton passes through Cockle Creek.

I hope you all enjoyed these photo's.
Ill do some more over the next few days and ill make another Blog out of them.

What one did you like best?
Let me know in the comments.

Thank you all for reading.
See you in the next Blog.

Phil, Sydney Trains Vlogs.