Friday, 5 February 2016

Sydney's Abandoned Northern Beaches Mansion

Saturday 6th February 2016:

As some of you may know trains aren't my only hobby.
Im an urban explorer.. No i do not like grafitti or vandalism, i simply appreciate decaying buildings.
Here is a little something i filmed and photographed yesterday.

Sydney's Abandoned Northern Beaches Mansion:

Built in 1939.
This beautiful piece of history and architecture located in Sydney's Northern Beaches named lays in ruins.
Her name is "Morella".
She would be worth around $8 million.
It hasn't been lived in for around 10-15 years as the owner moved to northern NSW.
Unfortunately the owner passed away in 2015.
Now no one owns the property.
Inside the house there is no safe way to the top floor as stairs have given way.
Even if you could make your way upstairs it would be dangerous as the flooring has given way at various points.
The rest of the flooring on the top floor is unstable.

Ill now show you a few photos of Morella.

Photo below:
Morella, the house name sits above the front entrance.

Photo below: Wiring hangs with the kitchen in the background.

Photo below: A room upstairs without flooring.

Photo below: This ladder would have to be the only way upstairs but as i said before, it would be dangerous.

Photo below: A view of the back balcony

Photo below: The architecture of this building is amazing!

Photo below: A door handle on a door that leads out to the balcony.

Photo below: A seat on the back balcony.

Photo below: Under the back balcony.

Photo below: A grand piano in pieces.

Photo below: Fireplace in what looks to be a lounge room or possibly the master bedroom.

Photo below: The Kitchen.

Photo below: The Bathroom.
I also filmed a video of the interior and exterior of this masterpiece.
To watch the video please visit the link below:

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