Tuesday, 9 February 2016

My 3 Transport Channels

Wednesday 10th February 2016

Hi all and welcome to another STV Blog.
In this Blog ill be telling you about my 3 transport YouTube Channels.

Sydney Trains Vlogs (STV):
Sydney Trains Vlogs or STV for short is a channel filled with Trains, Light Rail, Ferries & Buses.
Don't let the name fool you as i don't only film trains/transport in Sydney.
Ive also filmed trains and Light Rail/Trams in Brisbane/Gold Coast Queensland and in Melbourne Victoria.
This is my main channel, my pride and joy.
At the time of typing this Blog this channel has over 2,800 Subscribers, 4,000,000 total watch time in minutes, 2,300,000 total views and over 1,800 total videos.
Ive also filmed some historic events, things that will be looked back on in years to come like the very last trains in and out of Newcastle Station on Christmas Day 2014.
The very first passenger service on the South West Rail Link in February 2015.
The first Hunter J Set (J7) to receive the NSW Trainlink Livery emerging from UGL Broadmeadow.
There is much more!
In my earlier videos you will see V Sets in the Blue and Yellow Intercity Livery, Hunter Sets in the CityRail Livery.
At this point in time Tangara's are getting the new M Set lookalike doors so the original Tangara doors will be a thing of the past.
I love doing what i do. Not only because it entertains all of you it's also because it helps me through anxiety at times.
Anyhow, onto the next channel!

Australian Freight Watch (AFW):
I created this channel for those who like diesel locomotives and everything they carry (grain, coal, steel etc).
I film episodes involving a number of freighters, i also film single train videos.
This year (2016) the C Class loco's that run the Sandgate train will be replaced with C44ACi model Loco's called CRA Classes.
Time to go onto the final and newest channel.

Australian Railway TV (ARTV):
Australian Railway TV is only a few weeks old.
It's similar to Sydney Trains Vlogs but without commentary.
The commentary has been replaced with on screen information.
A new feature is Fun Facts!
These videos will be uploaded as episodes.
At the time of typing this Blog i have uploaded 3 Episodes and a Channel Trailer.
This Channel only has 42 Subscribers at the moment but i expect that to grow a lot faster as the next few episodes are uploaded.
Each channel has a similar watermark as seen in the photo at the top of this Blog.

Don't forget to subscribe to the 3 channels.
Simply search:
Sydney Trains Vlogs
Australian Freight Watch
Australian Railway TV

Thank you all for reading another STV Blog.
Keep checking back for more!

Phil, Sydney Trains Vlogs.