Monday, 29 February 2016

Carrot & Spud - The New PHC Class Locomotives

Typed on: Tuesday 1st March 2016

Hi everyone.
Today i want to talk about the new PHC Class loco's i was talking about in the previous Blog.

If you want to know all the info then please check out the previous Blog called Farewell C Classes or C Class Farewell.

I want to show you all a few photo's of Carrot and Spud.

Photo below: PHC001 (Carrot).

Photo below: PHC002 (Spud).

The photo below shows Carrot & Spud making their way into UGL Broadmeadow after a morning of testing to Maitland/Telarah and back.

These new loco's will be on the Sandgate to Port Botany and return runs 4190 & 1491 in early March this year.

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