Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Why I Started Vlogging

Why I Started Vlogging:

It all started when i was at home with my girlfriend watching Youtube videos.
One day we came across a channel called Pranksters in Love owned by a couple named Nikki & John.
As weeks went by we found out that Nikki & John had another Youtube channel called Nikki & John Vlog.. This channel was for filming their daily life.
In one of their Vlogs John was giving tips about how to Vlog and what to Vlog about.
He said "Vlog about what you like and what makes you happy, like hobbies etc".
It was at that moment that i thought to myself that i want to find a new way of filming trains and sharing my passion for the railway to everyone.
I went to Central station and attempted my first Vlog.. I was nervous and i didn't know what the hell i was doing lol.
I just pointed my camera at a train and said the type of train and it's set number.
A few Vlogs later i noticed the new style videos (my Vlogs) were getting many more views than all my other random little clips of trains..
It wasn't long after that when i renamed my channel to "Sydney Trains Vlogs".
Vlogging trains has also given me a reason to visit all the stations on the Sydney Trains and NSW trainlink networks.
I have filmed at over 300 locations across Australia and its been so much fun.

It's now 2015 and ive filmed over 1200 Vlogs in 3 states including New South Wales, Queensland and Melbourne.
Thus far i have over 2300 Subscribers and over 1.9 million total views.
I never thought id get this far and i have all of you to thank.

I really want to film in Outback Australia where all the Mineral & Ore trains are that i have never seen before.
All the different Loco's out that way too like the MRL Class's and the Genessee & Wyoming GWU Class's etc.

I also want to visit Perth.
Ive filmed a lot of the Transperth B Series Transfers through Sydney so it would be great to film them in Perth.

One day when my channel has really expanded i want to try film overseas.

I have filmed many different milestones such as the very last train out of Newcastle on Christmas Day 2014.
The first ever passenger service on the South West Rail Link in February 2015.

There is much more to look forward to like the Sydney Metro North West.
The new Sydney Metro trains will start production in 2016 so we can expect new train deliveries sometime in 2016 and 2017.
The Sydney Metro line opens in 2019.

We can even look forward to the new Light Rail line being constructed in the heart of Sydney, that is suppose to open in 2019 or 2020 (i think).

I also have 2 other channels.
Australian Freight Watch, which features all kinds of freight trains from across Australia.
Abandoned OZ, where i film at abandoned houses, schools, shops, stations, platforms and much more... Ive always liked the feeling of going into an abandoned place, the decay, the thought that at one point in time these places were alive but now they are decaying.

Thank you all for reading.
Please share this Blog as much as possible.
Phil, Sydney Trains Vlogs.