Monday, 9 November 2015

Newcastle Demolition Update 1

On Tuesday 10th November 2015 i boarded a train from Epping to Hamilton then got a Newcastle Shuttle Bus Route 110 to Wickham to see what has happened so far in terms of demolition of the Newcastle Line.
Upon walking up to Wickham station i noticed that most of the Pandrol Clips have been removed from the tracks.
Pandrol Clips are used to lock the train tracks to the sleepers.
The overhead wiring has also been removed from Wickham to Civic stations.
Overhead wiring remains from Civic to Newcastle.
Within a week id say that all Overhead wiring will be removed.

Photo (below): A notice for one of the areas where a walkway has been formed over the tracks will be closed due to overhead removal.

Photo (below): Workers removing overhead wiring between Wickham and Civic Stations.

Photo (below): On a brigher note one of their trucks were stuck in the ballast!

Photo (below): Once the overhead wiring is taken down it is cut up into 2-3 metre segments as seen in this pile.

Photo (below): Workers and a cherry picker make their way into Civic station for the removal of more overhead wiring.

The overhead wiring on the other side of the footbridge i was standing on remains but not for long.

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Phil, Sydney Trains Vlogs