Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Southern Aurora

The Southern Aurora returns to Sydney:

While filming a Vlog at Turrella i was surprised to see the Southern Aurora passing heading to Sydney from Melbourne.
The Southern Aurora ran a special trip to Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup...

Photo: HL203 & FL220 leading the Southern Aurora through Turrella.

It couldn't have been more than 15 minutes later when i started heading back to Central.
I noticed the Southern Aurora sitting in Sydney Yard awaiting the road into Platform 1.
After alighting from my K Set on Platform 16 i made my way to Platform 1.
HL203 & FL220 decoupled from the Southern Aurora Cars and made their way into Platform 2 right near the Indian Pacific cars as seen in the photo below.

A few minutes later NR25 with Indian Pacific Livery made their way out of Platform 1 to couple up with the Southern Aurora cars and lead them into Platform 1.
Im not sure why HL203 & FL220 couldnt lead the Southern Aurora cars into the platform.
It was quite interesting seeing an Indian Pacific loco with Southern Aurora Cars...

HL203 & FL220 are ex 422 Class locomotives.
HL203 is ex 42203.
FL220 is ex 42220.

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