Wednesday, 4 November 2015

DTRS Y Sets at Central

DTRS Y Sets:

On Wednesday 4th November 2015 DTRS sets Y1 & Y2 made a visit to Central.
These sets have recently received the NSW Trainlink Livery.

Y1 leading without decals sitting at Central Platform 5 (above).

Upon departure from Central i snapped a shot of trailing set Y2 which has "ATP TEST TRAIN" decals on the fibreglass front. (Below).

What's odd about this is that the Y Sets have completed the ATP testing.

For those who dont know, ATP stands for Automatic Train Protection and DTRS stands for Digital Train Radio System.

The Y Sets are 3 cars in length and there are only 2 of them... Y1 & Y2.

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Phil, Sydney Trains Vlogs.