Sunday, 8 November 2015

The '01 Trio


On Monday 9th November 2015 i was in the City doing my "Opal Run" until i was notified that i must hurry to Erskineville to see something special..
I caught the next tram from The Star to Central station, ran over to platforms 22 & 23 at Central then caught Waratah set A26 to Erskineville station.
I couldn't have been at Erskineville for anymore than 5 minutes when i saw heritage locomotives 42101, 4401 & 4501 come around the corner.

Photo: 42101, 4401 & 4501 passing Erskineville Platform 3.

Ive wanted to get a photo of 42101 for a while now.. Sucess!!

So there you have it.. The '01 Trio.
42101 the First 421 Class.
4401 the first 44 Class.
4501 the first 45 Class.

Thank you all for reading! :)

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