Tuesday, 10 November 2015

An Hour at Otford

On the 11th of November 2015 i decided to take a trip to Otford on the South Coast Line to do some filming and photography.
Here are some photos that were taken.

Photo (below): A Tangara arriving into Platform 1 bound for Waterfall.
This train came from Port Kembla.
Photo (below): Oscar set H40 leads another set through Platform 1 bound for Bondi Junction.

While waiting for some electrics to pass Otford i was notified that there was a coal train approaching with a 48 Class attached.
The weather was looking bad so i was uncertain about whether i could get a photo of the 48 or not because my iPhone doesn't take the best photo's when it's overcast or raining.
Just as first thought when the 48 class lead by 2 or 3 82 class loco's i took a photo that turned out blurry!
However! Upon inspection of the photo it turned out it was a good motion blur shot.

Sorry it took a while to post this Blog.
I was very busy with the Sydney Trains Vlogs YouTube Channel.

Thank you all for reading!
Keep checking for new blogs.

Phil, Sydney Trains Vlogs.