Wednesday, 4 November 2015

S Set S146

S Set S146:
Thursday 5th November 2015

S146 has always been a favourite of mine simply because of the carriage it has had on it over the last couple of years.

C3805 was the first Double Deck S Set car built by Comeng (Commonwealth Engineering) to enter service.
When i first started gaining knowledge of trains C3805 was on set R18.
R Sets were silver sets built by Comeng & Goninan and were 6 cars in length.
In approx 2011 or 2012 R Sets were being broken up to make 4 car sets, known as S Sets.
This was to increase capacity as 2 S Sets can be coupled to make an 8 car set.
R18 was broken up with 4 cars forming set S146.
In 2012 or 2013 C3805 was removed from S146 and retired.
C3805 is preserved and stored at Broadmeadow.

Now it's 2015, S146 has 2 unique motor cars.. C3013 & C3861.

C3013 was built by A. Goninan & Co in Newcastle.
It was one of the spare motor cars stored at Mortdale.
It was used to substitute another motor car when another S Set motor car needed to have repairs done.
C3013 is now part of S146.

C3013's Car Number (below)

S146 with C3013 at Clyde (below)

As of 2014, C3861 is the oldest S Set power car in service.

C3861's car number (below)

C3861 with S146 at Clyde (below)

Thank you all for reading.
Phil, Sydney Trains Vlogs.